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Probation services for the girl delinquent : an evaluation of casework treatment in an involuntary setting based on a representative group of cases appearing before the Vancouver Juvenile Court Grace, Alice Mary


This study was undertaken to evaluate probation as a method of individual casework treatment for delinquent girls and to show the need for the integration of all community services working with the problem of juvenile delinquency. Case material for the study was obtained from the Vancouver Juvenile Court, and many of the cases were selected on the basis of personal knowledge. A general study was made of 197 girls appearing before the Court from 1947 to 1950, and fifty probation cases were selected for detailed study. The fifty cases were analyzed and rated in regard to the degree of Improvement shown during the probation period. It was found that a sufficient number of common factors existed in the backgrounds of the fifty girls to compile a schedule which, is proposed as a guide of diagnostic criteria, giving indications of the kinds of cases which are good risks for probation. It is apparent that case work is not effective in all cases and that probation must be used selectively, with planned use of community resources.

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