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A study of contact metamorphism at Harrison Ridge, Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. Grove, Edward Willis


A petrographic study is made of the granitic and related metamorphic rocks at Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. this thesis contains a general treatment of the regional and structural geology of the general area. The petrography of the various rock types is discussed under two main headings the granitic rocks, and the metamorphic rocks. Heat given of by the intrusive magma converted the adjacent unmetamorphosed sediments to hornfelses of the cordierite-anthophyllite subfacies and pyroxene-hornfels facies. These rocks are arbitrarily subdivided into rock types on the basis of their mineraloglcal compositions, rather than on the field occurrence. These assemblages are discussed with reference to the facies classification and the mineraloglcal phase rule. It is concluded that the hornfelses were derived by thermal metamorphism of aluminous-chloritic argillaceous sediments; that the cordierite-anthophyllite hornfelses were originally rich in MgO and FeO metasomatism was not an important process In the formation of the metamorphic assemblages.

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