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The geology and mineralogy of the Yreka copper property, Quatsino Sound, British Columbia Wilson, Philip Roy


The Yreka copper property is situated on the west side of Neroutsos Inlet about nine miles northwest of Port Alice In the northern part of Vaneouver Island, British Columbia. The property is underlain by rooks of the Vancouver Group, including greenstones, limestones, breccias and tuffs striking approximately northwest and dipping southwest into the mountainside at about 35 degrees. They, are intruded by dykes and sills of quartz-feldspar porphyry, quarts diorite and basalt. The mineral deposits are located in large bodies of skarn which have been formed in the tuffaceous rocks of the middle part of the sequence. The skarn zones consist roughly of three subparallel units which appear to conform approximately with the bedding. The largest of these skarn zones is about 1500 feet long and more than 100 feet wide, and contains sulphide bodies of economic interest. Other sulphide showings have been found on the property but do not appear to be of economic significance. The skarn zones are of pyrometasomatic origin of the type not related to an igneous contact. Development work in the early part of the century included stripping and trenching, driving a number of adits in various places in the skarn zones, and mining of a small tonnage of ore. Recent work, consisting of mapping, sampling and diamond drilling, has shown the property to be a prospect of considerable merit.

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