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A survey of pre-school centres in Vancouver Macfarlane, Mary Frank


This is a broad study of the licensed pre-school centres and the Public School pre-school centres in Vancouver. It traces the evolution of the pre-school education movement in the city and then gives a factual description of the situation as it stands to-day. The centres surveyed are described in terms of their sponsors, their location in the city, requirements for admission, type of tuition, buildings and equipment; and program and personnel. To assist in the analysis the centres are classified according to sponsorship: Private, Community and Co-operative, Church, Neighbourhood House, and Public School. The characteristics of the schools have been examined for each class as a group. Analysis of the information obtained shows many advances which have been made by the efforts of those citizens interested in pre-school education for the young child in Vancouver. But it also points up needs yet to be met. The latter include clearer definition of function, adequate coverage, better parent education, proper facilities for training personnel, the need for a central institute for child study and improvements in program and administration.

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