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West Vancouver recreational survey : a study in community organization Hopkins, John Thomas


This project records a special "recreational survey", undertaken in the Municipality of West Vancouver, as a study in community organization. The survey helped the community to determine its recreational needs. It established a "schedule of priorities" which should enable the community to decide on immediate, as well as long-range plans, to set up a programme for leisure-time interests and needs. The survey was an influence in strengthening the intergroup relationships, and may be an aid to future community action. It also helped define that recreation is more than physical activities. The research method consisted of questionnaires, interview material utilized, writer's own process records, and an analysis of the efforts of one local association, over a period of three years, to practice "community organization". Clarence King in 1941 remarked "that as yet there has been too little scientific inquiry into the nature and characteristic of the community organization process". An attempt is made to show that the process is an important part of community organization, and that it is affected by individual, group, and community issues. Some of the findings of Dr. E.C. Lindeman and Professor Jesse P. Steiner seem to repeat themselves here. The implications of the survey to the community are described.

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