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The effect of a slot on the stresses and rigidity of a shaft subject to pure torque Shumas, Frederick Joseph


This study was made to determine the effect of different width slots on the bending and shear stresses, and on the rigidity of a slotted shaft subject to pure torque. As a first step in the solution of the problem, the stress distribution due to a pure torque, acting on the shaft segment, and the torsional rigidity of the segment were obtained by use of a numerical method of solution and St. Venant’s Principle. After this solution was obtained, the results were used in the calculation of the actual stresses by combining the effects of twisting and bending in the segment. Formulas were developed for obtaining the torsional rigidity, maximum shear and bending stresses resulting from a known applied torque. A slotted shaft was then tested in torsion and the bending, shear stresses, and rigidity were determined experimentally. The agreement between calculated and experimental results was good; the error being of the same order as the inaccuracy in the strain measurement.

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