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A survey of the carotene and ascorbic acid content of moose browse Roberts, Leslie Wilson


The pro-Vitamin A and Vitamin C contents of the nine main species of moose browse have been surveyed. Three species of conifers have also been surveyed. Four feeding areas of the moose, chosen to represent a series of stages in the development of a forest from its youngest to its climax stage, have been studied and compared as a source of carotene and ascorbic acid. A burned over area whose present forest approximates twenty years was found to have the highest content. A seasonal variation in vitamin content has been established. The deciduous species have a summer maximum and a winter minimum. The conifers have a winter maximum and a summer minimum. A comparison of palatability rating and vitamin content of individual species is discussed. During freezing and cold storage the loss of carotene and Vitamin C was found to be very slight.

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