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Studies in experimental hypertension Salter, James Morley


The effects of dietary and hormonal factors upon the blood pressure of male Wistar rats were investigated. 1. Desoxycorticosterone acetate was found to increase the blood pressure in the presence of excess dietary salt. 2. Estrogen overdosage produced hypertension in rats. Castrate animals were more sensitive to the effects of estrogen. Estrogen overdosage aggravated experimental hypertension induced by nutritional choline deficiency. 3. A period of nutritional choline deficiency was followed by hypertension. Desoxycorticosterone accelerated the development of hypertension in choline deficient animals. 4. Hypertension developed in rats 2 months after a prolonged period of inanition. 5. Antihistamine was found to induce profound variations in the blood pressure of male rats. 6. Rats pre-treated with desoxycorticosterone acetate showed a greater pressor response to adrenaline than normal intact rats. 7. Desoxycorticosterone and antihistamine were found to facilitate the occurrence of the Trueta shunt.

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