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Preliminary classification and evaluation of Engelmann spruce Arlidge, Joseph Winston Churchill


This thesis is divided in to two parts: In the first part - A Preliminary Classification of the Engelmann Spruce - Alpine Fir Forests at Bolean Lake, B. C. - some ecological concept are discussed. The forest association is defined as an ecological unit that includes the characteristics of climate, soil, topography, flora and fauna; and is recognized by its floristic structure. The area studied is described. Data were collected from selected temporary plot. Soil profile was described and samples collected. Forest mensurational data were collected on tenth-acre plots. Two forest associations can be considered established. They are: 1. Picea Engelmannii - Abies Lasiocarpa - Vaccinium membranaceum - Rubus pedatus association. (Engelmann spruce - alpine fir - black huckleberry - trailing Rubus association). Designated the VM association. 2. Picea Engelmannii - Abies lasiocarpa - Vaccinium membranaceum - Dryopteris Linnaeana association, (Engelmann spruce - alpine fir - tall blueberry - oak fern association). Designated the VO association. Four other forest associations were tentatively identified. They are described because they are of interest to foresters. In the second part - An Evaluation of Two Forest Associations in the Engelmann Spruce - Alpine Fir Forests at Bolean Lake, B.C. - forest mensurational data from the vegetational plots were compared and analysed with data from permanent sample plots established independently. Differences in average height of dominant and codominant trees, in height of average dominant tree, and in volumes between the VO and VM associations were found. These results indicate that the VO forest association has better site quality than the VM forest association. Differences were also found to composition, number of trees per acre and in the distribution of stem size, these differences indicate that the VO and VM associations will probably give different responses to silvicultural treatment.

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