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The cold-resistance of goldfish (Carassius auratus) fed certain lipid diets Irvine, Donald Grant


The effects of dietary phospholipid and cholesterol upon the body lipids and cold resistance of the goldfish (Carassius auratus) were studied. Two series of diets were used to compare the effects of these supplements in the presence and absence of a large oil supplement. It was found that dietary phospholipid and cholesterol both tend to increase cold-resistance of the goldfish, the relative effectiveness of these treatments varying with season and with duration of dietary treatment prior to chilling. The increased cold resistance afforded by dietary cholesterol or phospholipids was closely correlated with the increased cholesterol content of the tissues, but only weakly correlated with the less modified phospholipid content of the tissues. Although feeding these diets also resulted in definite changes in moisture content, total lipid content, unsaturation of total lipids and cholesterol/ phospholipid ratio, no obvious correlation between these factors and cold resistance of the goldfish was noted. In addition to diet, it was found that cold narcosis, season, and size, as well as sex of the goldfish tested, modified the observed cold resistance.

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