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Community centres and their support: a study of British Columbia Torrance, Robert Joseph


The accompanying thesis, written as part of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Social Work, and entitled "COMMUNITY CENTRES AND THEIR SUPPORT - A Study of British Columbia" is primarily concerned in showing how community centres can be supported, realizing that support is more than financial. Based, for its practical aspects, on a survey of community centres in British Columbia, it discusses the characteristics of community centres, defines their particular functions, and indicates possible support. The historic origins of community centres are considered, and the conditions which have contributed to the development of community centres are outlined. The concept is accepted that a community centre is a movement enabling a feeling of unity and democratic, expression for the community rather than the concept that a community centre is restricted to a building or program. The particular functions of community centres are defined as providing facilities, offering a variety of activities, and arranging the co-operative organization of all or several groups. Governmental or tax-provided support is advocated in providing facilities while both governmental and voluntary support are proposed in providing activities and developing a co-operative organization. Other guides or principles are evolved which can be of assistance in the development of community centres in British Columbia.

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