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A study of the production of Kamloops trout (Salmo gairdnerii Kamloops Jordan) in Paul Lake, British Columbia Anderson, George Cameron


An investigation of the limnology and the Kamloops trout population of Raul Lake, British Columbia, from the summer of 1947 to the end of the summer of 1949, is presented. Comparisons of the conditions found by the writer are made with those conditions reported by Drs. C.McC. Mottley, D.S. Rawson and D.C.G. MacKay.in previous investigations of Paul Lake. Analysis of the environmental conditions indicated extreme annual variations in the summer heat income, an abundance of oxygen at all depths, minor annual fluctuations in the quantity of plantkon, a significant decrease in the quantity of bottom fauna which was believed due to the depletion of the Gammarus population, and a fairly large supply of available food. Another species of fish, the redside shiner, has made its entry into Paul Lake. The statistics of the trout population has shown a decrease in the average size of the age classes of trout since 1931, a large proportion of the younger age classes of trout in the anglers' catch and in the spawning run and a decrease in the size of eggs and number of eggs per female. A large year class resulting from 1945 has been followed through the fishery. The main effects of this year class appear to have been a greater survival of trout and a restoration of older age classes in the anglers' catch and in the spawning run. A comparison of the 1949 creel census data with that for 1936 has indicated a two-fold increase in fishing intensity, a slight decrease in the total catch and a decrease of two-thirds in the catch per unit effort. A revised stocking policy, patterned after the 1945 year class, is outlined.

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