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The structure and magnetic properties of some ternary alloys containing manganese and boron Swanson, Max Lynn


Binary alloys of manganese and boron and ternary alloys of manganese and boron with aluminum, zinc, tin and indium were prepared. Their structures were determined from x-ray powder photographs, and their ferromagnetic properties were measured with a Sucksmith rinf balance, using a powerful electromagnet. The orthorhombic phase MnB had a ferromagnetic Bohr magneton number of 1.73 per molecule and a Curie point of 309°C. Most of the ternary alloys were slightly ferromagnetic, but no strongly ferromagnetic single phase regions were found. Paramagnetic measurements on Heusler alloys showed that they followed the Curie-Weiss law for the restricted range of temperature in which measurements could be made.

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