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Cephalosporium Sp., an organism associated with a canker of western hemlock Denyer, Walter Bruce Glenn


A canker on the main stem of oppressed western hemlock (Tsuga hetero hylla (Rafn.) Sarg.), 1 to 3 inches in diameter at breast height, was found at Powell River and Tumour Island, British Columbia. The canker is irregularly elliptical, with a conspicuous resin exudation in the early stages. The canker appears to be annual. A species of Cephalosporium (Fungi Imperfecti, Moniliales) was consistently isolated from cankers collected at Powell River. The pathogenicity of the organism has not been proven to date. The growth and hyphal characters of the organism, and the temperature-growth relations of the organism in culture are described. The conidial apparatus of the organism was investigated. Attempts to produce the perfect stage in culture were unsuccessful.

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