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The life cycle and incidence of black spot parasite in the lake shiner, Richardsonius balteatus, in British Columbia Thom, Margaret Helen


A description of a new strigeid metacercaria of the Neascus group responsible for the production of black spot in the lake shiner, Richardsonius balteatus is given. The metacercaria is distributed over the body in melanistic integumentary cysts. All attempts to obtain the adult flukes by feeding infected fish to pigeons, ducklings, rats, and cats failed. Black spot is erratically though widely distributed throughout British Columbia. Thirty-six of the forty- four lakes examined showed the disease to be present in the shiners. Ptycholeilus oregonensi, Mylocheilus caurinus, Catastomus macrocheilus, Cottus asper, Salvelinus fontinalis, Salmo gairdneri kamloops and Prosopium williamsoni are also infect by black spot.

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