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Devonian stratigraphy and paleontology of the Ram River area, Alberta Bell, Gordon Lennox


The thesis represents a field and paleontological study of Devonian strata exposed in the Ram River Area west of Nordegg Alberta, and is intended to present information which will supplement data obtained from exploration drilling of the Great Plains basin. Certain structural phenomena are discussed in relation to the problems of the Rocky Mountain overthrust belt. It is concluded that overfolding in many cases preceeded thrust fault development, that modification of Lawson’s equation may be necessary in the consideration of low-angle thrust faults, and that the Eastern Ranges may have suffered less displacement than those of the western Rockies. The principles of regional and interregional correlation are discussed with a view to evaluation of the criteria and limitations of biostratigraphic correlation. Previous stratigraphic work is reviewed, and detailed descriptions of the Flume, Perdrix, and Cheviot Formations are submitted. The Perdrix Formation is recognized as being divisible into two new members, the Blackface and Whitegoat Members. Faunal description, revision, and illustration of five species of corals and thirty species of brachiopods constitute the main part of the work. Revision shows that Leiorhynchus albertense Warren is referable to Calvinaria, and that Bellerophon neleus Hall and Whitfield is referable to Aglaeoglypta. One variety, Calvinaria albertense var. plicata is recognized as new.

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