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A study of the American Federation of Musicians Smithers, Douglas Alan


It is the intention in this study to familiarize the reader with the unionization of the music industry. First, there is a discussion of the boundaries of the music industry, followed by a general analysis of musicians as occupational types. This is necessary because of the unique conditions surrounding music--as a profession and as an industry. Second, a brief historical outline, showing, in particular, the growth and decline of rival unionism in Canada. Third, a discussion of the structure of the International and its Federated Locals. Of particular significance here is the position of the International President and the constitutional authority conferred on him. Four, the role of collective bargaining--stressing particularly the American Federation of Musicians' unilateral wage rate determination. Five, the problems of technological change, particularly with respect to the use of records, radio, television and motion pictures. The summary chapter, rather than review what has gone before, utilizes the Report of the Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters and Sciences to show the insecure position of the musician in Canada.

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