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Immunological studies of some strains of Trichophyton mentagrophytes Uchida, Midori Jane


The relatively poor immunogenicity of proteinaceous materials obtained from dermatophytes has been demonstrated. The use of incomplete Freund's adjuvant failed to enhance antibody formation to mold antigens. Many cross-reactions occurred between the antisera of rabbits immunized with various antigenic preparations from dermatophytes, as demonstrated by cross-precipitin tests and skin testing. The occurrence of common antigens among the dermatophytes has been confirmed. Pleomorphic strains did not differ markedly in their immunogenicity as compared to their respective non-pleomorphic strains. Skin testing, upon rabbits with dermatophytic antigens elicited responses which were either of the immediate or of the delayed type. Indications were obtained that toxic principles were present in some of these antigens. Skin tests provided better evidence of differentiation between various species and strains than did the precipitin tests.

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