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The design and construction of a powerful electromagnet, and its application to magnetic measurements of the alloy Mn[60]A1[20]C[20] Kidson, Geoffrey Victor


An electromagnet capable of producing a magnetic field intensity of greater than 21,600 gauss in a gap of one inch and over an area of 3.14 square inches has been designed and constructed. The structure of the ternary alloy of approximate composition Mn₆ₒAl₂ₒC₂ₒ has been investigated by X-ray methods, and shown to have an ordered perovskite structure, with aₒ = 3,865 A⁰. The effective magnetic moment pit manganese atom was measured, using the electromagnet, and a torsion balance method. The value of the magnetic moment at zero degrees Kelvin was found to be 1.2 Bohr magnetons per manganese atom.

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