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Meeting the needs of newcomers : a study of the feelings of Central European newcomers to Vancouver concerning their adjustment problems and resources Hromadka, Vaclav


This study deals with problems of a group of Central European newcomers who have taken up residence in Vancouver. The study examines the existing facilities for aiding newcomers, and it attempts to interpret their adequacy in the light of the emotional and physical needs of immigrants. The thesis begins with the background material concerning the European immigration to Canada with a special reference to immigrants from Central European countries. The next chapter reports on feelings of Central European newcomers concerning their adjustment problems, and it is followed up by a study of a sample group in order to reinforce and supplement the previous findings. The reader will note that most of the needs of a Central European newcomer are common needs which affect him as much as they do any Canadian citizen. However, there are a number of complicating factors which make the situation of a newcomer more difficult. It has been found in this study that, rather than material help, a Central European newcomer needs a shortening of his cultural distance and help with his psychological adjustment. The final chapter deals with meeting of the needs of newcomers in this community. There is some evidence that an expansion of information and orientation services is needed. Also, it became evident that a more individualized approach should be applied in order to help the newcomer in his cultural transition. Finally, there is an outline of functions of a suggested "Centre for New Canadians".

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