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Housing projects for old people : an exploratory review of four selected housing projects for old people in the Greater Vancouver area Sharp, Patricia Louise


With the increasing number of old people in the population of Canada, and of British Columbia in particular, housing needs have become a major part of the total welfare planning for old people. Adequate housing is an essential service in its own right, but it is also an important basis for many other necessary services concerned with the welfare of this age group. This thesis is an exploratory review of housing projects so far constructed for old people in the Greater Vancouver area. Four such projects are selected for this purpose, and a general structure for description and analysis devised, with special reference to (a) the nature of the accommodation, (b) administration, and (c) opinions and attitudes of the residents. The information in this survey is attained through interviews with the people directly concerned with the administration and management of the housing projects, with people who live in the projects, and with social workers who have close contact with and knowledge of the old people. A series of visits were made to all types of accommodation in the four projects. Because housing projects so far are mostly private and volunteer efforts, there is a great deal of variation in nature and concept, administration, eligibility, services provided, etc. Some of this experimentation is desirable; in some regards, coordination and pooling of experience is greatly needed. The study illustrated many of the good features of housing projects, and also indicates some of the less favorable aspects. It shows also the need for a comprehensive approach to housing for old people, in which the total community participates, and in which all community resources, including neighbourhood and metropolitan planning, are fully utilized.

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