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The effects of irradiation and orth-cholorphenoxyacetic acid on growth, fruit set, and food values of tomatoes Fillipoff, Peter Fred


An experiment was conducted to ascertain the effects of irradiation and various concentrations of an aqueous solution of ortho-chlorophenoxyacetic acid on growth rate, abscission layer formation, fruit set, yield, time of maturity, ascorbic acidj dry weight, total nitrogen, total phosphorous, titratable acidity, reducing sugars, total carbohydrates, roughage, ash weight, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc and manganese of tomatoes. Supplementary illumination beyond that of the normal day length resulted in significant increases in weekly growth rate and iron content, with slight increases in fruit set, titratable acidity, total nitrogen, ash weight and magnesium content of tomatoes. The xylem area of the abscission layer was increased as a result of the supplementary illumination. Supplementary illumination also resulted in significant decreases in ascorbic acid, total carbohydrates, sodium and potassium. There were also slight decreases in yield, reducing sugars and calcium of tomatoes. Under normal day length the ortho-chlorophenoxy-acetic acid was more effective in inducing fruit set than where supplementary light was used. The most effective concentration was 75 p.p.m. The trends of the effects of the treatments are discussed, as well as the significant findings.

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