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Parental resistance in child guidance casework : an analysis of initial resistance manifested by parents and the relation to casework services for disturbed children, based on Child Guidance Clinic cases, Greater Vancouver, 1954 Kennedy, Ramona Frances


A pertinent problem in child guidance settings is the apparent inability of a considerable number of parents to involve themselves in treatment. This results in seriously limiting the amount of help that can be given to the child, or results in the parents withdrawing from the agency leaving the problem untouched. It was therefore considered important to attempt to isolate resistance, as manifested by parents, to casework services during the intake study. Some of the causative factors in resistance are discussed in general terms, as background. A small group of cases (6) were then chosen for detailed examination. In all of these, a high degree of resistance was manifested. The defense mechanisms used to manifest resistance are described in general, and analysed in the specific cases. Skills and techniques which the social worker used to decrease initial resistance were then tabulated; and from these certain common denominators became evident. The findings indicate a need for some refinement of intake procedures. There is evidently need also for greater effort on the part of social workers to decrease initial resistance, since the capacity of parents to involve themselves in treatment appears to be dependent upon the favorable conditions created for them by the intake worker. Resistance is a complex phenomenon however, and demands further research.

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