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Community organization for social welfare : an analytical study of a low-income transitional district (Vancouver 1952-54) with special reference to problems of inter-cultural participation Steiman, Boris


This thesis arose out of the experience of a field work placement in the Welfare Services Section of First United Church during the 1952-53 school term. Accurate Information about the neighborhood in which it was located was required in order to provide guidance for future recreation and welfare developments in the district. The lack of community organization in this neighbourhood prompted a closer look at the existing conditions and plans for a detailed survey were laid. Factual information was assembled, many meetings were held, and opinions and attitudes from many sources were canvassed. The significance of this study to social work is manifold. It shows how this neighborhood became a "problem area," but also attempts to assess its assets as well as its liabilities. It indicates the many sources necessary to gain a thorough understanding of the people of a neighborhood. It underlines the generic nature of social work and the variety of roles required from the social worker. Particularly, it approaches the area as a case example of community organization where many different ethnic groups are present, and there has been little previous experience in s elf-help. If there is to be any positive change in the area it must be done with the closest cooperation of the local residents and Headers, The resources within the local community that have been uncovered must be developed and supported while every means must be taken to reform or offset the unwholesome physical conditions.

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