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A study of C.A.S. wards not in foster homes : being a study of eighteen cases of children in correctional institutions as of October 31, 1954 Vaitmaa, Erna


The thesis is a part of a larger survey of the wards in British Columbia, with a special reference to the eighteen wards of Children's Aid Society of Vancouver, who were in correctional institutions as of October 31st, 1954. The history of child protection and welfare is briefly described, as a background to the study, and traces the developments in the child protect-ion movement, from early British Poor Laws to the present complex Canadian pattern of child welfare and protection, in itself a part of development in North America generally. The examination of the statistical and qualitative material shoved that rejection in early childhood had often disturbed the children emotionally so badly that they were not able to adjust themselves in a foster home placement. The children were emotionally maladjusted, had difficulties in their relationship with the others and shoved disturbed and delinquent behaviour* The analysis pointed out that all the foster home placements proved to be failures and resulted finally in their being placed in a correctional institution. Case illustrations were used to give a more detailed picture of the needs of the children during the placements and the efforts that were made to help and prevent their further disturbance. The illustrations discuss the available history given in case records, and point out the damaging effects of certain events during the early childhood as veil as during the foster home placements. The study of eighteen eases led to the formulation of certain recommendations regarding a thorough study of each child when first taken into care, as well as the study of the reasons for the failure of foster home placements. It is hoped that this might help to prevent maladjustment in foster home placements. As the final conclusion of this study, three types of treatment homes are suggested for the children to whom the foster home placement in normal home environment proved to be unsuccessful. The agency and community interests are also stressed in the overall effort to prevent further "social hazards” in society.

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