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Travelling psychiatric services : an exploratory study of the services of the British Columbia Mainland Travelling Child Guidance Clinic Coyle, Phyllis Bernice


The purpose of this thesis is to make an exploratory study of the British Columbia Mainland Travelling Child Guidance Clinic. One of the main goals is a more definitive statement and clarification of the current functions and services of the clinic. The study includes: (1) A description of travelling child guidance clinics generally, in terms of underlying theory and assumptions, historical development, and current problems and functioning; (2) A brief description of the travelling child guidance services in Canada; (3) A detailed description of the British Columbia Mainland Travelling Child Guidance Clinic: a. its historical development; b. its stated functions and goals; c. its operation "in the field." The above includes material drawn directly from a sample of clinic files, which describes: the characteristic group of clients referred for individual service; problems seen by the referral sources as indicating the need of clinical assessment and help; the channels of referral and presentation to the clinic; the professional members of the community who, through attendance at case conference, come into direct contact with clinical concepts and knowledge about the understanding and treatment within the community of behavior disorders in children, and general mental health methods in the alleviation and prevention of further similar difficulties; and the recommendations made for such community treatment of the disorder. A questionnaire circulated to all Social Welfare Branches indicated the field offices' concept of the effectiveness and adequacy of clinical services. The British Columbia Mainland Travelling Clinic has achieved a good beginning. Staff exigencies in both the clinic and the field have made ideal objectives impossible to achieve. The addition of another travelling clinic team together with more field personnel will alter this criticism. The success of any such undertaking will always depend on harmonious relationships among clinic staff, field health and welfare staff, and other citizens in the communities.

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