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Social case work method in foster home finding Gelley, Maurine Ellen


This thesis is an examination of foster home finding methods in a large child-placing agency. The study was undertaken as an investigation into the causes of dissatisfaction and difficulties experienced by agencies in their efforts to achieve a good standard of care for their children through the medium of foster homes. It is also a consideration of the manner in which the case work approach in home finding can be brought to bear on the amelioration of these problems. The agency in which the study was done, the Children' Aid Society of Vancouver, B.C., is typical of several in this country wherein the agency is committed to planning for several hundreds of children who come into its care through the administration of the various statutes related to the protection of children. It cannot be compared to small specialized agencies giving service to a selected clientele. The study includes: 1. An account of the development of the use of foster homes in child placement, and the use of case work method in this. 2. Review of social work philosophy and how it may be applied by the administration and personnel of an agency in home finding. 3. An examination of the agency's actual case records of foster home studies. The information sought was a comprehensive knowledge of the job of home finding through professional literature and observation of practice. The findings would support the contention that professional case work disciplines could be applied with greater effort, and that there is need for more emphasis on the part which foster home finding plays in a total child care program.

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