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Orientation surveys in a changing district : a study of environment and attitudes as they affect the Alexandra Neighbourhood House area, 1953-54 Cobbin, Allan Lewis


This thesis deals with the problems confronting a Neighbourhood House in a district which has been affected by business and industrial encroachment, growth of arterial roads, "isolation" of certain sections of the district. It questions the effectiveness of the agency's present role in such a district and suggests possible changes. It further points out the feelings of many of the residents toward the district, their opinions about Alexandra House and their programme suggestions for adults and children. The social welfare significance of this thesis is that it illustrates the future effectiveness of a group work agency in a changing community. In addition, it indicates what adjustments are necessary in order that the agency may most effectively meet the needs of their membership in such a community. Finally, it notes what effect the changing district has had on its residents. The principal method used in this thesis was a survey (a schedule) which was composed of three parts: (1) General questions to residents about the agency and the district. (2) Specific questions to parents and (3) Specific questions to senior citizens, teenagers, etc. The results were analyzed and presented in tabular form using cross-tabulation of specific questions to ascertain more meaningful results. Some charts and an arterial photograph were also used to present a more descriptive graphic picture of certain areas of the district. The findings of this thesis show: (1) that the future of the agency is limited to a fifteen or twenty year period in view of industrial encroachment and the life-expectancy of most buildings of the district, (2) that the district has become more transient than formerly, (3) that the district has been divided into at least five "pocket areas" by the growth of arterial roads and the construction of new bridge spans. These findings indicate that the agency should investigate the following possibilities: (1) offering new programme, (2) offering increased programmes to adults, (3) initiating at least two more extension programmes and increasing the service to the one already in operation, (4) carefully investigating any future changes in the district which may affect its role in the district. By so doing, the agency will be able to offer maximum service to residents of the eastern section of the Kitsilano district.

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