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Vocational training and its role in the rehabilitative process : a review of three penal institutions in British Columbia Clark, Duncan Leslie


The subject matter of this study is an analytical review of the vocational training programmes operative in three penal institutions in British Columbia, namely: New Haven, Young Offenders' Unit, and Oakalla Prison Farm. Vocational training is examined in its relationship to the institutional programme as a whole, but more particularly in the light of its specific contribution to the rehabilitative process. The acquisition of marketable skills on the part of the inmate is socially significant in that he is able to return to civilian life and an area of gainful employment. In addition to his ability to maintain himself, he is able to accept his family and community responsibilities, and to relieve society of the burden. The methods used in arriving at the conclusions found in the study have been those of comparison and evaluation. The three penal institutions in question have been examined, and their vocational training facilities considered and analyzed for their effectiveness in this area. As a result of the study, it has become evident that there is very little vocational training actually done. That which has been called vocational training, however, is essential at the present time in that it represents a social work service. Vocational training is used in the way social work services are intended to be used. When enough social work services have been introduced, and the inmate is receiving the treatment he requires, vocational training may not play as vital a role in the programme as a whole, and may be considered as merely one of many approaches to the entire problem of rehabilitative therapy.

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