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Brief service in a child guidance clinic : a preliminary survey : a descriptive study based on Child Guidance Clinic cases, Burnaby, 1954-57 Freer, Nell Wilson


The main purpose of this study is to survey a sampling of brief service cases in a child guidance clinic in an effort to discover why these cases could be treated on a brief or short-term basis. Because of the need to help more people in a given length of time and the limited agency staff and high case loads, it is very desirable that treatment on a brief service basis be expanded if it can be done without sacrificing good casework practice. Making use of the transcribed notes made during the Clinic Diagnostic Conferences, the presenting problems, diagnoses, number of contacts and person to whom service was given were tabulated for each of 62 cases which were designated by the Clinic as brief service cases. It was found that there is no formalized definition of brief service at the Clinic and the giving of brief service does not appear to be a planned part of the general program. The data assembled from the diagnostic conference notes indicate that there has been no organized effort to delineate properly what a brief service case is. Because of the success of well organized brief service programs in other agencies, it is suggested that such a program should be planned for at the Clinic and some of the steps in organizing such a program are suggested.

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