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The utilization of fat by the growing chick Burdett, Michael Owen


PART I - FOLIC ACID AND FAT TOLERANCE IN THE CHICK Two practical feeding experiments have been carried out to investigate the supplementary value of folic acid, When added to corn-fishmeal type chick starting rations containing different levels of herring oil. Growth was depressed when herring oil was added to rations containing sub-optimal amounts of folio acid. The extent to which oil depressed growth with a diet sub-optimal in folio acid was probably dependent on the quality of the oil added to the diet. The addition of 0.36 mg. of folic acid per pound of diet alleviated the folic acid deficiency and counteracted the growth depressant action of the oil. PART II - SURFACE ACTIVE AGENTS AND FAT IN CHICK NUTRITION Chicks on a practical starter ration were significantly heavier at the end of 8 weeks when their rations were supplemented with 1 per cent of Tween-80 or 3.3 p.p.m. of procaine penicillin. The addition of 0.25 per cent Tween-80 to rations containing either 2.5 or 5.0 per cent herring oil failed to produce a growth response. Tween-80 enhanced the utilization of either 5 per cent cottonseed oil and tallow for growth promotion at 8 weeks but not at 4 weeks. Chicks were fed to 9 weeks of age on a series of rations each with and without the addition of 0.2 per cent of Santomerse-80. The addition of Santomerse-80 or procaine penicillin singly or in combination improved the growth rate of the chicks. The addition of Santomerse-80 did not further stimulate the growth of chicks receiving rations containing both herring oil and procaine penicillin. No significant effect on the rate of growth was observed as a result of replacing penicillin with aureomycin or replacing herring oil with tallow. When chicks were fed to 4 or 5 weeks on a folic acid deficient corn-fishmeal type of ration, Tween-80 did not alleviate folio acid deficiency whereas Santomerse-80, aureomycin or penicillin did. Tween-80 in the presence of 5 per cent cottonseed oil further aggravated folio acid deficiency. Santomerse-80, when fed in combination with folic acid, increased the growth rate of chicks over that obtained with the combination of Tween-80 and folic acid. Lecithin spared folic acid when the rations did not contain additional oil. In the presence of the additional oil, lecithin aggravated folic acid deficiency.

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