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Treatment of emotionally disturbed teen-age boys in a group-living residence : an examination of Children's Aid Society wards, with special reference to movement shown after a period in a group-living institution Cobbin, Jack Macdonald


This thesis deals with the treatment of disturbed children. Beginning with the institutional care of children, it traces developments to the modern conception of foster home placement and the evolution of child guidance clinics. The value of institutional care for emotionally disturbed teenage boys is considered. Three types of residences now in existence in the United States are described for comparison purposes (in an appendix) The principal methods used are (1) case study of six teenage boys and their parents from Vancouver Children's Aid Society files. (2) comparative analysis of the behaviour of the boys prior to and following placement in the Group Residence. The behaviour of the boys at the Residence being assessed from existing group work records. The scope of the thesis is of necessity limited. Very extensive case work and group work records had to be summarized, and the developmental history of six boys together with brief details of parental history are compared. Excerpts from the group records which display the progress of the boys in the Residence are included. The value of all excerpt material is assessed by the researcher, and an attempt is made to indicate the progress made by the boys during their stay at the Group Residence. Some other possible causative factors are discussed, and a brief Resume made of the strengths and limitations of the Residence.

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