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The work of community citizenship councils : a study of the development and co-ordination of services for immigrants based on Vancouver, Victoria, and Nanaimo experience Allman, John Jacob


The purpose of this study is to examine the role of the local Citizenship Council in assisting new immigrants upon their arrival in the community, and during their subsequent early residence in their new environment. The study considers the problems of organization and administration faced by the Councils; and the individual and group adjustments faced by the immigrant. The broad implications of community organization, and of education for citizenship, are also examined. Time and geographical factors limited the study to three Councils, located in Vancouver, Victoria, and Nanaimo. The essential material of the study has been derived from interviews with various executive members of the Councils concerned, and from perusal of their records and minutes of meetings. This resulted in some limitations, especially when the minutes or records were inadequate or incomplete. The study shows (1) the value of the guidance, leadership and stability provided by the Community Chest and Councils, when new organizations are formed within the community; (2) that a Council programme should evolve out of discussion and participation with local voluntary groups interested in the adjustment of the immigrant, and with the government agencies concerned; (3) membership should include representatives of ethnic groups, who should participate in planning the programme; and (4) that care is required in formulating any policy regarding citizenship education within the community; initially, their programme should be primarily concerned with meeting the immediate needs of the immigrant. It is hoped that this study will be of value to Citizenship Councils now functioning, by emphasizing the need for application of sound community organization principles; and will assist Councils now in the formative stage, by pointing out some of the difficulties encountered in creating a voluntary organization which attempts to work with diverse nationality groups.

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