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The structural and magnetic properties of some ternary alloys of iron-aluminum-carbon Bell, Lawrence Gerald


Alloys in and near the ε single phase region found by Morral In the iron-aluminum-carbon system were prepared and their ferromagnetic and structural properties determined„ The ε phase has been described as chiefly Fe₃Al plus 15 atomic percent carbon with the possibility of varying the Fe:Al ratio from approximately 2 to 3.5. The face-centred cubic ε phase was found to be highly ordered with iron at the face centre positions, aluminum at the cube corners and carbon in the body-centred position. The lattice parameter varies with carbon content from 3.73 to 3.76 A°. Keeping the amount of carbon constant at 14.6 atomic percent the alloys with the Fe:Al ratio less than 3 have their saturation magnetization increasing with increasing iron by an amount corresponding to the estimated increase of 5.4 Bohr magnetons per iron atom. However, for values of the ratio greater than 3 the magnetization is decreased with increasing iron. The amount of this decrease is not certain but it is thought to be of the order of 8 Bohr magnetons per iron atom in excess of that required to give Fe:Al equal to 3. Increasing the carbon content with the Fe:Al ratio kept at 2.9 ± .1 also decreases the magnetization by an amount corresponding to an estimated 8.5 Bohr magnetons per carbon atom.

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