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The assessment of forage production from irrigated pastures by means of beef cattle Nicholson, Hugh Hampson


The use of Irrigated Pastures for the production of beef cattle in British Columbia is a relatively new venture. That they have a place in the ranch economy of the province is appreciated when it is realized that the natural range resources are being used to their fullest extent at the present time. Irrigated pastures provide a means of intensification of production and permit increased beef output from the limited land areas available in the province. The various methods of estimating pasture production through the use of grazing animals have been investigated. These investigations indicate the need for accuracy of experimental procedure since the variables encountered are numerous. The production of forage from irrigated pastures in 148 days was 4290.0 to 5011.8 pounds of total digestible nutrients per acre depending upon method used in calculation. The young succulent grasses and legumes encountered in irrigated pastures are high in protein with a corresponding deficiency in carbohydrate. The use of high energy supplementation may be worthy of further investigation. The incident of bloat and foot rot in animals on irrigated pasture can be a problem. Correct management procedures and prompt treatment will assist in alleviating these problems.

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