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The effect of fourth component additions, iron and chromium, on the magnetic properties of Mn₃A1C Death, Frank Stuart


Previous work had shown that near the composition MneoA1₂oC₂o there occurs a highly ordered cubic phase with interesting magnetic properties. A study of the effect of additions of iron and chromium has been carried out with a view to obtaining some information about the structure and magnetic properties. Two alloy groups were studied, first, Mn₆₀(Fe or Cr)ₓA1₂₀-ₓc₂₀ and second Mn₆₀₋ₓ(Fe or Cr)ₓA1₂₀C₂₀. It was found that in the former group the magnetization decreased markedly with either Fe or Cr additions. The results could be represented by assuming the manganese moments were constant and the Fe or Cr atoms had a net moment of -5 Bohr magnetons when replacing an Aluminum atom. The second group yielded no such simple representation because the moment per magnetic atom values varied quite irregularly. The only possible observation was that the average moment was always less than that of manganese in Mո₃A1C.

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