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An approach to evaluate research in a correctional setting : an examination of the research resources available for the study of the New Haven Open Borstal program in British Columbia. Braithwaite, John William


This thesis involves a dual consideration of the applicability of prediction and follow-up studies to the New Haven Open Borstal program and the adequacy of officially recorded data for the execution of such studies. Follow-up studies would indicate the rate of successful rehabilitation obtained from the New Haven program. The development of prediction tables would facilitate the granting of parole on a more rational basis and would also provide a working prognosis for supervision on parole. An historical, survey of selected American and European prediction and follow-up studies was conducted to indicate their methodology, their increasing utility, and their applicability to the Borstal program in British Columbia, The information available within the files of New Haven and other related agencies was evaluated in order to determine its adequacy for prediction and follow-up studies. Data relating to criminality, vocational and economic status, family relationships, leisure time pursuits, and mental and physical health were considered in relation to the pre-institutional, institutional, parole and post-parole periods. The findings indicated that, while prediction and follow-up studies axe desirable within the New Haven setting, the available data may only be adequate for a specific and limited type of prediction study. The available data would have to be supplemented by information obtained directly from the ex-inmate if more comprehensive studies are to be conducted. A research unit that is an integral part of the correctional system and possesses an intimate knowledge of the total program could best execute these and other prospective studies. Through the initiation of prediction and follow-up studies, New Haven can best maintain its position in the vanguard of penal progress in British Columbia.

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