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Forest types of the coastal western hemlock zone Orlóci, László


This thesis contributes analytical and synthetical data on the forest phytocoenoses and proposes a classification. Detailed floristical and environmental descriptions are given, also consideration of succession and life-form distribution. The following ecosystem classification is proposed: I. Dry edaphic and mesic zonal forest types of the dry subzone. 1) Pseudotsugetum menziesii a) subassoc. tsugetosum heterophyllae or the orthic Gaultheria forest type b) subassoc. legosolicum or the legosolic Gaultheria forest type c) subassoc. mahonietosum or the Gaultheria - Mahonia forest type 2) Tsugetum heterophyllae Subassoc. plagiothecietosum undulati a) var. muscosum or the orthic Plagiothecium forest type b) var. mahoniosum or the Plagiothecium - Mahonia forest type II. Dry edaphic and mesic zonal forest types of the wet subzone 3) Tsugeto – Gaultherietum a) subassoc. typicum or the orthic Vaccinium alaskaense - Gaultheria forest type b) subassoc, legosolicum or the legosolic Vaccinium alaskaense - Gaultheria forest type 4) Abieteto - Tsugetum heterophyllae a) vara clintoniosum or the Vaccinium alaskaense - Plagiothecium - Clintonia forest type b) var. acerosum circinati or the Vaccinium alaskaense - Plagiothecium - Acer circinatum forest type III. Seepage forest types 5) Thujeto - Polystichetum or the Polystichum forest type 6) Thujeto – Blechnetum a) subassoc. typicum or the orthic Blechnum forest type b) subassoc. gleysolicum or the gleysolic Blechnum forest c) subassoc. turfosum or the peaty Blechnum forest type d) subassoc. rubetosum vitifolii or the Blechnum - Rubus vitifolius forest type 7) Abieteto - Oplopanacetum or the Oplopanax - Adiantum forest type 8) Piceeto - Lysichitetum or the Vaccinium alaskaense - Lysichitum forest type IV. Moor forest types 9) Pineto - Ledetum or the Ledum forest type 10) Thujeto - Coptetum or the Lysichitum - Coptis forest type V. Flood plain forest types 11) Piceeto - Symphoricarpetum or the Symphoricarpos - Disporum forest type 12) Piceeto – Oplopanacetum a) var. populosum trichocarpae or the Ribes braeteosum - Oplopanax - Populus forest type b) var. abietosum amabilis or the Ribes bracteosum - Oplopanax - Abies amabilis forest type 13) Populeto - Loniceretum or the Lonicera - Rubus spectabilis forest type 14) Alneto - Ribisetum bracteosi or the Ribes bracteosum - Lysichitum forest type 15) Saliceto - Oenanthetum or the Lysichitum - Oenanthe forest type. The floristic structure of the phytocoenoses was studied, described and correlated with factors of the environment. Variations in the floristic and ecotopic characteristics of the units support this classification. These characteristics were used in the key proposed for identification of the forest types. Forest types as basic ecosystem units are offered for practical use. They are uniform in composition and, therefore, potentionally they require different treatments in forest management.

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