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An exploratory study of the adjustment to hospitalization of tuberculous Indians Klavins, Marta


The aim of this exploratory study has been to discover and analyze some of the basic problems of tuberculous Indian patients, particularly their adjustment to hospitalization. The Indians studied are those of the northwest coast, including the Yukon and the Queen Charlotte Islands. The population studied was in Miller Bay Indian Hospital near Prince Rupert. Primary emphasis was placed on the emotional reactions of the Indian's adjustment to hospitalization and to removal from his familiar environment. Due to the fact that Indian patients show inhibition in communicating their feelings and opinions, it was necessary to use direct observation as the initial technique in gathering data in the first three months of this study. In the fourth month a small sample of staff members and patients were given a semi-structured, non-directive interview. The questions included in the interview schedule covered the following 15 major areas: (1) the patient's attitudes toward life and illness; (2) the patient's acceptance of the diagnosis and understanding of the disease; (3) the patient's acceptance of hospital routine and orders; (4) the patient's response to hygiene measures; (5) the patient's emotional reactions to hospitalization; (6) the influence of visitors response to hygiene measures; (5) the patient's emotional reactions to hospitalization; (6) the influence of visitors on the patient; (7) the patient's trust in the staff; (8) the acceptance of the patient as an equal by the staff; (9) the expression of aggression by the patients and how it is dealt with; (10) the patient's initiation of social activities; (11) the patient's reaction to social activities planned by the staff; (12) the patient's plans regarding his future after discharge; (13) the problem of alcoholism; (14) irregular discharges; (15) the sexual behaviour of the patient. Each of these 15 areas was analyzed in an attempt to arrive at common reactions to hospitalization.

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