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A survey of British Columbia penitentiary Matheson, Malcolm Angus


The thesis is an appraisal of the plant, inmate training programme, and administration of the British Columbia Penitentiary. A primary emphasis is placed upon the rehabilitative implications of inherent problems. An historical view of the penitentiary system is followed by descriptive data and an evaluation of the physical structure of the institution. A survey of the inmate training programme is presented in Chapter IV. Specific material is included regarding staff, facilities, and basic policies and procedures. An evaluation is made in relation to modern practices in this area. Chapter V contains a description and evaluation of the administrative organization and practices within the institution. These factors are measured against accepted principles of administration. Chapter VI restates the problem and procedures employed in this study with sections devoted to a summary of the criticisms, merits, and recommendations for reform. It is fundamentally concluded that the British Columbia Penitentiary has demonstrated a noteworthy capacity for growth in terms of inmate rehabilitation, but that numerous specific improvements are prerequisite to the attainment of optimal inmate rehabilitative service.

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