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The "New Vista" : a housing project, Burnaby, B.C. : a review of its welfare and administrative experience, 1949-59 Barberie, Dorothy Joan


With the increasing number of old persons in British Columbia, housing as a basic aspect of total welfare, became a rapidly increasing need. It is important to study the projects which have been initiated in response to this need. For not only is housing a social service on its own merits, but it is also a natural basis for the provision of other social services. This thesis specially studies the New Vista Society's Senior Citizen's Housing Project in Burnaby, B. C. It was selected because it was one of the first of such projects in the Greater Vancouver area, but also because it is well established enough to provide an opportunity to assess what has been learned in (a) the welfare of the aged related to housing needs, and (b) the administration of a housing project. The information for the study was gathered through interviews with people most concerned in the evolution and management of the project, the policy-making Board of the Society, and representative tenants. Visits were made to all the types of accommodation in the project. This study points up both the practical features of housing the aged (e.g., eligibility rating, financial improvization) and the importance of genuine concern for old people that has characterized this project. It also illustrates the importance of continuity of leadership in further expansion of services. It is also implicit in this study that in the coordination of senior citizens housing experiment which is now being debated in Vancouver, the New Vista Society has a contribution to make.

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