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Flight and resettlement of the Sopron forestry faculty: a study of group integration and disintegration Kruytbosch, Carlos Egbert


This study is concerned with the changing group structure of the Sopron Forestry Faculty. Change is studied on two levels; internal organization and the relational context of the institution. Three periods are studied; the pre-communist era, under the communists, and the refugee period. The main emphasis is on the latter period which is again divisible into periods of flight, community life without academic study, and academic routine without community living. Each of these periods is characterized by the type of adjustment taking place within the group. Flight was characterized by a streamlined social structure, solidarity and idealism. The community life period was characterized by internal social differentiation and acute concern with the future. The final stage is, of course, ongoing at the time of writing, but appears to be characterized by Increasing internal differentiation along Year lines, a decrease in idealism and minimal group impact in the new institutional context. Finally, the Sopron group was studied as composed of refugees and immigrants. Non-systematlc observations were made of a number of individual Hungarian refugee students to examine differences in rates and processes of assimilation between group and individual migration. Methods used were questionnaires, formal and informal interviews and one year of participant observation.

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