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Isothermal transformations in eutectoid zirconium-biobium alloys. Finlayson, Malcolm John


Isothermal transformations in eutectoid zirconium-niobium alloys have been studied by resistometric techniques at high temperature, and by room-temperature hardness measurements, metallography, and X-ray methods, Room-temperature measurements were performed on specimens which had been heat-treated in evacuated vycor capsules. The resistometric method gave data which were not in agreement with data obtained by room-temperature measurements. A T-T-T curve established by room-temperature hardness and metallography was found to be similar to one obtained by a previous investigator. The lack of agreement between measurements made at high temperature and those made at room temperature suggests that a structural change is occurring in these alloys during the quench from the transformation temperature. For this reason, room temperature metallography is unsatisfactory for following transformations in these alloys. The analysis of micro-structure is complicated by the presence of a needle-like ' phase' which was not identifiable by the X-ray techniques employed. It is shown that the resistometric technique is a sensitive method for observing transformations in zirconium-niobium alloys.

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