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A program for improvement of basket willow on the Carpathian Plains of Hungary Sziklai, Oscar


An inventory of the most important indigenous and exotic Salix clones for basket making was carried out in Hungary. Eleven clones were selected from those presently growing in various parts of the country. The vegetative and generative characteristics of the shoots were described. Interspecific hybridization was carried out using five different combinations. The germination of Salix seed was studied by taking a series of photographs. Vegetative propagation by means of shoot cuttings and by "T" bud grafting were tried. A selection method was used for evaluating the different clones within the country. Five experimental plantations were set out on the more important soil regions and the eleven clones were planted in randomized blocks, each 10 by 10 meters in size. Each clone was replicated four times and 170 cuttings of each were planted in a block. The height growth of the 5th and the 10th ramets in each row were measured bi-weekly during the growing season in 1955 and in 1956. More than 100,000 height measurements were recorded. The influence of the clone, year, and locality on the average height attained was evaluated by means of an analysis of variance, and an attempt was made by using the components of variance to estimate the heritability. The simple correlation coefficients were calculated to approximate the degree of association of the average tree height, weight and volume of different clones in the five localities during the years 1955-1959 inclusive. Form of sprouts, cellulose content of one-year-old shoots, and meteorological conditions were studied. Experiments were undertaken concerning spacing and fertilization as part of the basket-willow improvement work.

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