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The effect of certain fertilizer treatments on the composition of B.C. interior field tomatoes with special reference to water-soluble pectin as an indicator of tomato fruit quality McGibbon, Maxwell


Investigation into possible causes for reported softness of B.C. Interior tomatoes revealed that processed tomatoes from the Kelowna district were firmer than processed tomatoes from the Vernon or Kamloops districts. Soil and plant material samples from the Kelowna district were relatively high in calcium and magnesium and low in potassium compared to samples from Vernon which were relatively low in calcium and magnesium and high in potassium. Samples from the Kamloops district were relatively high in calcium, magnesium and potassium. Fruit samples from the Kelowna district contained a significantly greater amount of water-soluble pectin than fruit from either Vernon or Kamloops. Soil treatments with several nutrient elements did not produce a significant effect on water-soluble pectin in tomato fruit at Kelowna, Vernon or Kamloops, but treatments containing calcium appeared to produce the most consistent effect.

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