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A study of the relationship between available food and nutritive requirements of blue grouse chicks. Stiven, Alan Ernest


A study of the relationship between available food, nutritional requirements, and the abundance of blue grouse (Dendragapus obscurus fuliginosus) chicks was conducted on the seven year old Beavertail Burn near Campbell River, Vancouver Island, B.C. The abundance of invertebrates, available as food to the chicks, was determined by sampling. The food requirements of the chicks at various ages was also estimated from the known nutrition of other galliformes. From the limitations set by the abundance and nutritive quality of the invertebrates, the potential number of chicks on the study areas was found to be much greater than the actual density of chicks. This suggested that under ideal weather conditions, the food supply was not limiting the survival of blue grouse chicks. However, adverse weather was shown to affect both the abundance and composition of the invertebrate in the samples.

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