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An investigation of the mycorrhiza of Douglas-fir seedlings. Pentland, Gertrude Draper


A study was made to determine if there is a growth response in Douglas-fir seedlings to the presence of mycorrhizal associations. Nursery, potted and pure culture experiments were carried out to induce the formation of mycorrhiza on Douglas-fir seedlings. Seedlings from natural areas were examined to give an indication of the types of mycorrhiza which occur and the age at which they are formed. Variation in the number and type of mycorrhiza as determined by site factors was studied. Well-developed mycorrhiza were found in natural seedlings as young as three months old. Most of the seedlings examined showed well-developed mycorrhiza by the end of the first growing season. Only typical ectotrophic mycorrhiza were found in Douglas-fir seedlings. They occurred in a range of sites, but the occurrence could not be correlated with variation in site factors. In the nursery and potted experiments there were no significant differences between the treatments as indicated by the height, root volume or number of mycorrhiza of the seedlings. All attempts to induce the formation of mycorrhiza on Douglas-fir seedlings in pure culture were unsuccessful.

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