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Comparative evaluation of some physical and mechanical properties of veneer-overlaid and non-overlaid particle board Filler, Merl Campbell


Three particle boards, one flake board, one multi-layer board, and a plywood panel, all of 3/8-inch thickness, were overlaid with 1/20-inch Philippine mahogany veneer, using a urea-formaldehyde adhesive. Both non-overlaid and overlaid boards were subjected to physical and mechanical tests involving the glue line and the boards themselves. Results of the glue-line shear test indicated that glue-line failure between the veneer and the boards only occurred in the boards of higher density. Overlaying the boards decreased dimensional change in a plane parallel to the length of the board but slightly increased it parallel to the width of the board. Boards composed of flakes had better strength properties than those composed of particles. No delamination of the board occurred during accelerated aging; however, deterioration in the board core was extensive. In general, overlaying the boards tended to minimize differences in strength properties between boards, and improved the strength properties so as to be almost comparable to those of plywood. Overlaying decreased warping in the boards. Some physical properties of the boards, such as resistance to warping and face-checking, were more satisfactory than those of plywood.

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