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Some aspects of religion in British Columbia politics. Ellis, Walter E.


The purpose of this thesis is to study some aspects of the relationship between religion and politics in the province of British Columbia. Three facets of the problem are considered. First, the attitudes of clergymen to their role in political affairs, as well as their attitudes towards practical political issues, and their voting behavior. To obtain information on these subjects, a questionnaire approach was utilized. The second facet studied is the history of a religiously based pressure group within the province. The temperance movement was chosen. Research material utilized included minutes and letters of the temperance organizations; letters of governmental officials; newspaper reports; and personal interviews. Third, the religious affiliations of members of the British Columbia Legislature, and the relationship between religion and cabinet appointments are considered. This work is not a comprehensive study of the relationship between religion and politics in British Columbia; but it does stress the inter-relationship between the two, which must be considered in interpreting our political history. Some suggestions are made towards improving the techniques used by the religious community in attempting to exert positive political influence.

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