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Egg size and egg number in some freshwater fish of British Columbia Cartwright, John William


Fecundity data were obtained for twelve species of British Columbia freshwater fishes by use of a displacement method. Data for an additional fourteen species were obtained from the literature. Fecundity relative to a unit body weight was considered superior to absolute fecundity for use in racial studies. Egg diameter was significantly larger in anterior than in posterior regions of ovaries from five species tested. Egg diameter was positively correlated with fork length within and between species. Amongst twenty-six freshwater species considered, egg diameter was found significantly correlated with reproductive characteristics. Fish with eggs of large mean diameter generally have amber to salmon colored eggs, non-adhesive eggs, long incubation periods, redd construction, stream spawning and variable spawning season. Fish with eggs of small mean diameter have white to yellow eggs, adhesive eggs, short incubation period, lack of redd construction, variable spawning location and spring or summer spawning season.

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